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February 6th is the International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM!

Check out BRYCS' highlighted resources on Female Genital Cutting to assist service providers in working with newcomers that have experienced FGC.

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Teen Book cover 

IT'S HERE! Raising Teens in a New Country!

Raising Teens in a New Country: A Guide for the Whole Family was created for parents and teens who are new to the United States, and for the service providers working with them. 

The teen years can be exciting and scary for both parents and teens. It can be especially challenging for families who are also adjusting to being in a new country. This guide covers topics that often come up in families raising teenagers in the United States (such as cultural identity, dating & discipline) and reminds newcomers that every parent worries for their children and most teens face these challenges. 

We hope parents and their teens will read the book together and then talk about the topics and issues-sharing their opinions and asking each other questions.


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