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Are you with a…

  • Refugee resettlement agency?
  • Ethnic-based community organization?
  • Mainstream-service organization, such as public child welfare, juvenile justice, child care, or a school system?

Do you need help with…

  • Information on refugee backgrounds, parenting practices, child welfare issues, youth crime prevention, or helping refugee children in the schools?
  • A particularly challenging case?
  • Locating culturally and linguistically appropriate materials?
  • Integrating refugees into a local youth program (Boys/Girls Club, 4-H, etc.) or developing your own program for refugee youth?
  • Helping your refugee clients find and use appropriate child care?
  • Increasing collaboration between your local child welfare system, refugee-serving agencies, and other community services?
  • Research and statistics on resettled refugee and asylee children, unaccompanied refugee minors, and other immigrant children?
  • Getting in touch with others who have the same questions as you?

BRYCS provides a range of Technical Assistance (TA) activities to support those serving refugee and immigrant children, youth, and their families. BRYCS is staffed by experienced social workers and researchers ready to assist you. We provide:

We are fortunate to have thirteen high-level experts who have joined us as our National Technical Assistance Consultant Network. Based mainly in geographic areas of high immigration, these experts are available for consultations and trainings through BRYCS, as their schedules allow. See our list of staff and TA consultants for more details on their areas of expertise.