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Early Childhood Transition Guidebook: What You Need to Know Before Your Child’s Third Birthday

This guide helps parents understand the process that guides their child's transition from infant and toddler intervention services to other early childhood services at age three and includes strategies to use for a successful transition.  ... - 24k


Multilingual resources on early childhood development and nutrition

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has a variety of multilingual resources on early childhood development and nutrition.  ... - 24k


Parent Outreach Publications (Brochures and Handouts)

Advises parents of young children to contact the PACER Center and their school districts to learn about districts' early childhood intervention and special education services. These services can help parents better understand their children and identify how to best meet individual children's needs. Services can also identify if a child has special needs, which parents should determine as soon as possible because early intervention will allow for the child to be better helped and more ready to learn upon entering kindergarten. Schools will provide service coordinators to individually plan with parents of special needs children for the support services and therapies their children will need, offer tips on how to help their children develop skills at home, and help locate effective community resources and services outside school systems. Lists benchmarks of typical developmental milestones and encourages parents to monitor their child's early development and to seek help immediately if concerns arise. Consultations are free and parents have final decision-making power in application and use of all services.... - 25k


PACER Center (Web site)

This Web site provides resources and publications to support parents of children with disabilities or special health care needs. Information is aimed at helping parents to make decisions about education and services for their child.  Multilingual resources include brochures and hand-outs focusing on intervention and early childhood special education services, working with families from diverse cultures and languages, parent to parent support on various topics, child development and behavior support. ... - 24k


Translated Tip Sheets

These translated tip sheets include topics such as toilet training, brushing teeth, bedtime, mealtime, getting dressed, snack time, washing hands, and tying shoelaces. There are also a number of tip sheets related to communication, attention span, social skills, etc.  ... - 24k


The Diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Describes the characteristics of Pervasive Developmental Disorder (also referred to as Autism Spectrum Disorder) as identified in the categories of social interaction, communication, and behavior. When doing a preliminary diagnosis, look for the following: unusual eye contact, delay in spoken language, difficulty understanding directions, repeating words, phrases, and actions, and difficulty with change.... - 24k


Emergency and Community Health Outreach

ECHO is a collaborative Web site providing health and safety information during emergency and non-emergency times to people with limited English language skills. BRYCS audiences may be interested in topics covered such as: Back to School Immunizations, Calling 9-1-1 in an Emergency, Child Safety Seats, Early Childhood Screening, Lead Poisoning, Mental Health Help, How to Talk to Kids About Crisis, and more. Each topic is covered in video format and is available in multiple languages. Click the language of your choice at the top of the Web page and the whole page (including the videos) will be in the language selected.... - 24k