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Welcome to Our Schools Kit

The Welcome to Our Schools Kit is designed to ease the transition of refugee children into the elementary and secondary schools of New York State, and to empower their parents to be effective partners in the education of their children. This kit includes: 1) Curriculum for the Refugee Academy, Parent Programs, Professional Development, and Mini-Academies; 2) Welcome to Our Schools posters for posting and distribution to students; 3) USA puzzles for use in Module 4; 4) Beach ball for use in Module 1; 5) Bus Number stickers for use in Module 3; 6) DVDs for use in all Modules; 7) Handouts for use in all Modules; and 8) Pencils, crayons, and colored pencils for use in all Modules. The DVDs include 5 segments: 1) A Day in Elementary School; 2) A Day in Middle School; 3) A Day in High School; 4) Student Interviews; and 5) Parent Interviews.  Contact BRIA to order a copy.  Updated in 2013, the kit is designed to ease the transition of refugee children into the elementary and secondary schools of New York State, and to empower their parents to be effective partners in the education of their children. New resources include brochures for teachers, nurses, school counselors and parents, resources on domestic abuse, anti-bullying, and peer mentoring, as well as curriculum supplements. ... - 26k


Refugee Family Engagement Project DVD Set

This is a set of two DVDs.  The first is a professional development DVD for educators, administrators, and staff and provides background information on the U.S. refugee resettlement program.  Denver Public Schools staff describe their best practices and communication strategies to inform and engage refugee families, and identify resources for schools and families. The second DVD is for newcomer families.  It invites families to participate in school activities and informs refugees about American school culture.  It covers attendance policies, health policies, after-school programs, parent-teacher conferences, and adult education opportunities.  It describes services available at schools and in the greater community.... - 24k


Picture Dictionaries

In White Hmong, Somali, Karen, and Spanish. Each dictionary has approximately 800 words (including common phrases, cultural artifacts, numbers, and more) with corresponding pictures. Talking CDs are available separately to accompany the picture dictionaries.... - 23k


Translator Strips

This document, used by the Boise Schools, says ... - 23k


Raising Children in a New Country: An Illustrated Handbook

This booklet was created for agencies serving refugees and immigrants in order to support their efforts to ensure that newcomer parents have the basic information they need about U.S. laws and parenting practices. Although newcomers may find the booklet useful by itself, it is primarily intended for case managers and other service providers to use together with their refugee and immigrant clients. The booklet is targeted to newcomer parents with low levels of English proficiency and/or low literacy levels. Since the often complex concepts illustrated here are necessarily simplified, the resource section (pages 28-31) provides easy-to-access information for service providers to supplement the basic points in this booklet. For best results, BRYCS recommends using this booklet in culturally appropriate parent support groups, preferably run by at least one experienced newcomer parent of the same ethnicity and one U.S.-born parent, where refugee and immigrant parents can ask questions, try out new behaviors, and find positive support to help ease their transition. (See the BRYCS publication Parenting in a New Country: A Toolkit for Working with Newcomer Parents for more information on parent support groups, including curricula and other educational information). This booklet has also been translated into Burmese, Karen, Nepali, Spanish,and White Hmong by local refugee agencies and public schools but you must email for copies of these translations.... - 27k


So Many Details: Celebrating the Karen New Year

This book covers a very important holiday for the Karen people through vibrant pictures. The book is in both English and Karen.... - 23k


Rocky's Store: What is in a Karen Market?

This book highlights a small local business owner and his family, former refugees from Burma. ... - 23k


Drum Publishing Group

This is a small independent community based organization dedicated to promoting education and preserving the cultures of the peoples of Burma. They have many bilingual materials on agriculture, art, general reading, health,  and math. Resources are available for all ages and include children's books, dictionaries, and teaching aids. Most of these resources are in Karen and Burmese and some are in English. ... - 24k


English - Sgaw Karen Student Dictionary

An extensive English to Karen dictionary. The Drum Publishing Group also has a Karen to English version.  ... - 23k


Refugee and Asylee Community Resource Guide

This resource is for refugees and asylees in the Bay area in California.  It is a directory of agencies that can help families locate services related to adult education, child care, parenting, employment, health care, and so on.... - 24k