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Commentary: Female Circumcision-Female Genital Mutilation in the United States: Legislation and Its Implications for Health Providers


Key, Frances L.


New York, NY: Law and Policy Project, Columbia University School of Public Health

Source Information (Journal Title, Date, Length)

Journal of the American Medical Women's Association 52 4, Fall 1997, 179-180 pages

Description of Resource

This resource summarizes federal and state legislation restricting or prohibiting female circumcision-female genital mutilation (FC-FGM) and the implications for health care providers. Whether criminalizing FC-FGM will prevent the practices depends on how the laws are interpreted by the courts and other authorities. The laws also may have unintended consequences for those they aim to protect, such as incarceration of a parent or deportation of an entire family, or even driving the practices underground in some ethnic communities. In addition, circumcised women may avoid seeking health care, for fear of prosecution, and health care providers likewise may avoid treating these women.




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