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Refugee Youth Employment




Baltimore, MD: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS)

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December 2001, 9 pages

Description of Resource

Describes an array of programs that give refugee youth an opportunity to explore career opportunities and participate in the workforce, while also emphasizing the link between academic success and future employment potential. Topics include: (1) career development, highlighting programs in California, Massachusetts, Michigan, and North Carolina: (2) summer employment, showcasing such jobs as camp counselor; (3) after-school and out-of-school placement, highlighting programs that promote school attendance and provide referrals for further education, offer job counseling, and provide job training and mentoring; (4) special at-risk populations, focusing on programs aimed at youth involved in gangs or in state custody; (5) the career pipeline, concentrating on professional training for specific careers such as police officer and auto worker; (6) entrepreneurial models, showcasing programs that teach key business skills and help youth design and carry out small business plans; (7) subsidized community service employment, discussing internships that impart skills and foster community development; (8) citywide and statewide initiatives, highlighting programs in Lowell, MA, and Seattle, WA; (9) the multitude of national networks; and (10) transferable models, focusing on a program in California for post-foster-care youth that includes housing and a program in Illinois that involves art education and business development.