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Documentary Project for Refugee Youth


Global Action Project


New York: Global Action Project

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Offers the results of collaboration among refugee high school students, artists, the Global Action Project, the International Rescue Committee, and other organizations in New York City. The Documentary Project for Refugee Youth consisted of a core group of a dozen 14- to 17-year-old refugees primarily from Western African (Burundi and Sierra Leone) and the Balkans (Bosnia and Serbia) who attended a weekly multimedia workshop. By learning the techniques of documentary making, such as interviews, photography, journalism, and video, the youth engaged in creating artistic products to educate the general public about the refugee condition. Among the project's goals were to involve these youth in a dynamic activity at a critical point in their resettlement, foster both self-reliance and mutual cooperation, provide creative avenues of self-expression and of validation of personal experiences, and produce work that will become part of the canon of social-issue documentaries. The project's Web site features a collective scrapbook, photo essays, interviews and a curriculum available for free download. The youth made three documentaries: "Moving On", "One Family", and "Picture a Story".