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Appendix 1 - Developing Refugee Foster Families: A Worthwhile Investment


Bridging Refugee Youth and Children's Services (BRYCS)


Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC: Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops/Migration and Refugee Services (USCCB/MRS)

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In Serving Foreign-Born Foster Children: A Resource for Meeting the Special Needs of Refugee Youth and Children 2003, 5 pages

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Developing refugee foster families can be an important strategy for serving refugee children. Including refugee families in the pool of foster care placement options increases the likelihood of being able to make an appropriate placement if a refugee child is found to have special needs relating to his or her language, culture or ethnicity. It can help such refugee children draw on their cultures, languages, ethnic affiliations, and religious faith as supportive and protective factors while they adjust to life in the United States.