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Education and Immigrant Girls: Building Bridges between Cultures


Potter, Julia L. (ed.)


Newton, MA: Educational Development Center, Inc. WEEA Equity Resource Center

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WEEA Digest September 2001, 16 pages

Description of Resource

This digest features three articles on equal education for immigrant girls. The first, "Building Bridges between Cultures," highlights discussions with experts in the field of immigrant education, examining culture, family, and school; expectations for education; overcoming cultural barriers in education; parent involvement; and equitable education. The second article, "Mentors Confirm and Enhance Girls' Lives," discusses mentoring issues for girls, particularly girls of color and immigrant girls, explaining that the most effective programs are those that consider participants' needs beyond those shared by their gender. The third article, "From Vietnam to the U.S.," presents a contemporary view of U.S. history, offering stories reflecting the personal experiences of Vietnamese girls and women who immigrated in the 1970s and 1980s.