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Young Refugees: Setting Up Mentoring Schemes for Young Refugees in the UK


Save the Children UK


London, England: Save the Children UK

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October 2002, 12 pages

Description of Resource

This resource describes a 10-step plan for setting up and running a mentoring scheme for young refugees living in the United Kingdom. Youth workers, social services staff, mental health workers, teachers, voluntary agency staff, and others get: (1) background on the difficulties young refugees face in the UK, including having little or no money for social activities, living in poor housing situations, feeling socially isolated and discriminated against, not speaking English, and having difficulty gaining access to mainstream services; (2) information about the benefits of mentoring for the mentor, the mentee, and the agency running a mentoring scheme; (3) an outline of the 10-step plan that covers project planning, recruiting project workers, recruiting and inducting mentors, identifying potential mentees, matching mentors and mentees, setting goals, supporting mentors, providing advice, monitoring and evaluating the mentoring scheme, and ending mentoring relationships; (4) guidance on identifying helpful philanthropic organizations; and (5) further resources, including contact information for existing mentoring schemes in the UK and other relevant programs and agencies.