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What's Working? Tools for Evaluating Your Mentoring Program


Saito, Rebecca N.


Minneapolis, MN: Search Institute

Source Information (Journal Title, Date, Length)

2001, 136 pages

Description of Resource

Describes evaluation methods that give mentoring program providers a reliable way to assess the outcomes and benefits of participation in their programs. The evaluation kit contains focus group and interview questions, surveys, and related tools that address the effect of mentoring relationships on youth, the extent to which these relationships meet critical quality benchmarks, and how programs can be improved. Mentoring program providers get step-by-step guidance on: (1) planning their evaluation and choosing the appropriate tools, including the pros and cons of open- and closed-end question structure and mail versus in-person survey administration; (2) conducting the evaluation by means of the selected tools, including different approaches for mentees and mentors, tips for facilitators and note takers, and tallying techniques; (3) understanding and communicating findings, including key components of the evaluation report and extrapolating lessons from key results; and (4) criteria for selecting outside evaluators. With evidence of the benefits and outcomes of mentoring programs, policymakers will have the information necessary to ensure adequate support for this promising strategy for positive youth development and community change. Also contains a list of youth developmental assets as well as numerous reproducible forms, tally sheets, summarized theme analyses, and overall program rating sheets.