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Social Work Practice with Refugee and Immigrant Youth in the United States


Delgado, Melvin
Rohani, Mojdeh
Jones, Kay


Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon

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2005, 290 pages

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This book provides an overview of the experiences of young immigrants and refugees when they resettle in the United States, with emphasis on a youth development paradigm to guide effective interventions. Social workers get information on: (1) demographic trends and issues involving newcomers, including undocumented status, consequences of deportation, and urban resettlement for newcomers; (2) legal status and entitlements; (3) specific challenges faced by newcomer teens related to such factors as country of origin, trauma experience, family and peer relationships, ethnic identity formation, education, health, and religion as well as cultural and language barriers; (4) best practice principles with immigrant and refugee adolescents, including enhancement of adult caring relationships with newcomer youth, successful brokering between parental and peer influences, and social navigational skills that build on youth competencies; (5) elaboration of the culturally competent framework to guide intervention; (6) specific youth development interventions, including mentoring, community service, sports, communication, leadership development, visual and performing arts programs, and advocacy; and (7) challenges to the paradigm, including value conflicts and mixed versus single-gender or group-specific programs.




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