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Helping Your Child Become a Reader With Activities for Children from Infancy through Age 6


Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs


Washington, DC: United States Department of Education

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August 2002, 59 pages

Description of Resource

When parents and other family members read with their children, help them with homework, talk with their teachers, and participate in school or other learning activities, they give their children a tremendous advantage. This booklet includes activities for families with children from infancy through age 6. The booklet's activities make learning experiences out of the everyday routines in which parents and children participate--most use materials that are found in the home or that can be had free-of-charge from the local library. Also included are: a reading checklist; list of typical age-related language accomplishments; list of resources for families/caregivers; and a list of resources for children.


English, Spanish