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Two Case Studies of Community Schools Serving Latino and Southeast Asian Children


Zetlin, Andrea G.
Ramos, Cecilia
Chee, Anthony


New York, NY: Human Sciences Press, Inc.

Source Information (Journal Title, Date, Length)

Journal of Child and Family Studies 10 1, March 2001, 23-38 pages

Description of Resource

Explores the impact of integrated services centers based in 2 community schools in Los Angeles, California, one serving an exclusively Latino population and the other serving a nearly exclusively Southeast Asian population. Both centers, housed respectively in Murchison Street School and Castelar Elementary School, are located in port-of-entry communities, serve very-low-income minority families, and have designed their integrated services operations to be culturally sensitive and responsive. Both offer a broad range of services to address basic as well as health and psychosocial needs. The 36 study participants came from families who had received intensive services over a school year. Among the key findings were that: (1) mothers at Murchison who attended counseling and parenting programs began to see the link between children's negative behavior and family problems and both accepted and recognized the benefit of the counseling services provided at Murchison; and (2) families at Castelar particularly noted positive changes in their children in terms of emotional control, focus, and behavior after receiving counseling. These school-based centers have become family support organizations that are working to promote self-sufficiency and growth for students and families experiencing chaotic life situations.




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