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Finding Funding: A Guide to Federal Sources for Out-of-School Time and Community School Initiatives


Padgette, Heather Clapp


Washington, DC: The Finance Project

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January 2003, 178 pages

Description of Resource

Noting the growing nation-wide demand for affordable, high-quality, out-of-school time and community school programs, this guide is intended to assist program developers, policy makers, and community leaders identify federal funding sources to support out-of-school time or broader-based community school services. The guide provides an overview of strategies for gaining access to and using federal funds, as well as a catalog that provides information on 116 funding sources that can potentially provide support for out-of-school programs and community school initiatives. Section 1 of the guide looks at the changing context for financing out-of-school time and community school programs, provides an overview of public and private investments in such programs, and outlines some of the key challenges facing policy makers and community leaders. Section 2 describes the various federal funding mechanisms, their structures, and requirements. Section 3 highlights strategies for maximizing federal funds and building partnerships. Section 4 contains the catalog of federal funding sources that can support out-of-school and community school services. Each one-page summary provides a short description of the funding source and its eligibility and application information, as well as contact information. The guide's three appendices list the preceding funding sources by federal agency; provide a listing of federal programs sorted by eligible grantee, and display the federal programs by funding type. The guide concludes with a listing of additional resources of the Finance Project. (HTH)