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Parenting for Academic Success: A Curriculum for Families Learning English - Research Base


Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)


Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

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2005, 8 pages

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"Principle 1: Language teaching is most effective when instruction is provided in a context that is meaningful to students' lives. This is especially true for adult learners, who bring years of experience to the classroom. Best practices in English as a second language (ESL) education integrate language and content instruction. ... Principle 2: Language learners need to have opportunities to practice the structures, vocabulary, and strategies they are learning. ... Principle 3: All parents play a critical role in supporting their children's language, literacy, and cognitive development. Parents learning English should recognize that second language learning and literacy are built upon a strong foundation of first language (L1) and culture, which should be explored and celebrated in the home. ... Principle 4: All parents should share books with their children. Parents and other family members should read to and with their children in whatever language they feel most comfortable using. Literacy in two languages is an academic advantage." - Publisher's description