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Logic Models and Outcomes for Out-of-School Time Programs: Report to the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation


Zaff, Jonathan
Redd, Zakia


Washington, DC: DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation (DCCYIT)

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September 2001, 49 pages

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"The primary purpose of this report is to present, describe and justify a revised logic model and measurable outcomes for the out-of-school time programs of the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation (DCCYIT). The logic model was revised from the initial draft of the Board of Directors of DCCYIT using the framework and terminology developed by the United Way Foundation of America. The report combines both an academic and applied research perspective on child development, and is intended to complement, not duplicate in any way, the work that has already been completed by the DCCYIT in this program area. The report focuses on out-of-school time and contains a brief overview of the research literature that informs our conceptualization of the logic model and proposed outcomes. We have taken this approach because we believe that the outcomes derived from theory and basic research are important and that using them in applied research will be helpful to the DCCYIT for building a logic model and outcome measures to be used in performance tracking." - Publisher's description