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Facilitating Positive Development in Immigrant Youth: The Role of Mentors and Community Organizations


Roffman, Jennifer G.
Suarez-Orozco, Carola
Rhodes, Jean E.


Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications

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Community Youth Development: Programs, Policies and Practices, edited by Francisco A. Villarruel, Daniel F. Perkins, Lynne M Borden and Joanne G. Keith. 2003, 31 pages

Description of Resource

This chapter examines issues associated with immigration that may impact the development of immigrant youth from all three groups. A treatment of each specific group of origin's experience is beyond its scope. Further, while the chapter necessarily deals with the experiences of parents as well as youth, our primary focus is issues affecting the development of the children of immigration. These issues impact both first and second-generation youth who share the experience of growing up with immigrant parents. -Publisher's description




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