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You Can Talk to Your Child's School


Minnesota Department of Education


Roseville, MN: Minnesota Department of Education

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2001, pages

Description of Resource

This instructional video is designed for schools, teachers, community groups, etc. as a tool for use with refugee and immigrant parents. The video focuses on the willingness of school personnel to talk with parents. Sample conversations between parents and school staff are portrayed. 

This video is available on DVD, along with its counterpart, "You Can Help Your Child in School." Both videos come on one DVD and each DVD holds three languages (English, Arabic, and Nuer; English, Hmong, and Oromo; English, Russian, and Somali). The Amharic and Spanish versions of the videos are only available in VHS. Order the videos from the Minnesota Bookstore.


Amharic, Arabic, English, Hmong, Nuer, Oromo, Russian, Somali, Spanish


This resource may be free from your local library or purchased from the publisher.