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Culturally Competent Practice with Immigrant and Refugee Children and Families


Fong, Rowena, editor


New York, NY: The Guilford Press

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November 2003, 320 pages

Description of Resource

"This book covers the breadth of issues involved in working with immigrant and refugee children and families. Within an innovative conceptual framework, essential knowledge is presented to guide culturally competent practice with clients from over 14 immigrant groups whose numbers are growing in the United States today. Expert authors review the history of each group's migration to the U.S. and discuss key issues facing families, including cultural conflicts, trauma associated with refugee experiences and/or illegal status, and the effects of poverty and discrimination. Particular attention is given to ways that the practitioner can help families draw on culturally based resources for coping and resilience as they navigate the challenges of their new lives. Recommendations for strengths-based assessment and intervention are brought to life in detailed case examples." - Publisher's description




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