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Be Who You Are: Refugee Youth in the United States


Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)


Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

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2006, pages

Description of Resource

Presents a short video on topics for teen refugees and resettlement workers that focuses on the realities of integrating into American society and provides a snapshot of what to expect as a new member of the U.S. population. Teen refugees from several families and different cultures talk candidly about daily life. Not speaking English is described as a frightening and isolating experience, and each teen emphasizes that learning the language paves the way to educational achievement and new friendships. School settings make bright, interactive environments with helpful teachers and offer a variety of ways to learn such as through physical education, art, and music. Religious and cultural differences place high expectations on academic achievement as well as create different dating and friendships rules. One teen advises new refugees to just be themselves and they will find friends that accept them. Many teen refugees take on family responsibilities, such as helping with younger siblings and preparing meals. (IP-CW)