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Increasing the Cultural Responsiveness of Family Group Conferencing


Connolly, Marie
Crichton-Hill, Yvonne
Ward, Tony


Washington, DC: National Association of Social Workers

Source Information (Journal Title, Date, Length)

Social Work v.2 , April 2004, 291-301 pages

Description of Resource

"Child welfare struggles to manage child abuse and neglect and to seek permanency for children, while being culturally responsive to the communities it serves. Family group conferencing, piloted in New Zealand and now used in the United States and other countries, is a strengths-based model that brings together families and their support systems to develop and carry out a plan that protects, nurtures, and safeguards children and other family members. This article describes the model and a culturally competent method for assessing and adapting the model for the African American, Cherokee, and Latino/Hispanic communities in North Carolina." - Publisher's description




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