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Research Review: Family Group Decision-Making: A Promising Practice in Need of More Programme Theory and Research


Crampton, David


Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell Publishing

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Child & Family Social Work v.12 n.2, May 2007, 202-209 pages

Description of Resource

"The use of family group decision-making (FGDM) in child protection is rapidly increasing throughout the world. This paper provides a brief overview of the research evidence from 1996 to 2005 and proposes future directions for both practice and research. The purpose of the review is to help move the discussion of FGDM from a promising practice to an evidence-based practice. The research review considers what is known about the child welfare outcomes of FGDM. The paper then turns to research concerning which families are offered FGDM and which FGDM processes appear to be important. The paper concludes with specific suggestions for developing FGDM programmes that can improve child protection practice and then testing these specific programmes in rigorous trials." - Publisher's description




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