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Child Abuse: Characteristics and Patterns Among Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese American Families: An Empirically-based Curriculum


Rhee, Siyon
Chang, Janet
California Social Work Education Center (CaLSWEC)


Berkeley, CA: University of California at Berkeley, California Social Work Education Center (CaLSWEC)

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2006, 106 pages

Description of Resource

Studies the social and behavioral characteristics of child abuse victims and perpetrators in immigrant Asian communities of Los Angeles, California and outlines a curriculum to assist child welfare workers in developing culturally appropriate intervention strategies. Examination of the demographics and cultural behavior of four immigrant communities- Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese- reveals that physical abuse and neglect are more common than sexual abuse in these populations; the physical abuse occurs under stressful situations such as divorce or in conjunction with corporal punishment, perpetrators are predominantly biological parents; and the most prevalent emotional abuse reported is witnessing domestic violence. Six modules discuss the Asian immigrant population in more specific detail. Module I provides curriculum outlines for composite information on Asian immigrant including demographics, cultural characteristics, parenting practices, and discussion and assignment suggestions. Modules II-VI focus on the specific data, intervention strategies, and class assignments for each of the Asian communities in the study. This curriculum strives to meet the core competencies as outlined by the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC), to provide child welfare and social workers with the information to serve their clients with basic practices that are ethnically sensitive and multicultural in scope. (IP)