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From We to Me : A Curriculum on Working with Transitioning Youth from the Perspective of Culture


Berdie, Jane


Denver, CO : Graduate School of Social Work, Institute for Families at the University of Denver

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September 2003, 121 pages

Description of Resource

This resource provides social services trainers with four curriculum activities and participant handouts to understand youth within the context of culture and how to use the culture to motivate, provide assistance, and effectively frame interactions and interventions for youth clients. Section I, Orientation to Culture, defines and identifies cultures and cultural indicators and how culture impacts independent living skills using case studies. Section II, Talking to Youth about Culture: Ethnographic Interviewing, presents questions about behavior based on the cultural context of the client. Section III, Cultural Resources for Working with Youth, assists the social worker to create a robust network of traditional service providers. Section IV, Incorporating Cultural Issues into Working with Youth, outlines case planning, assessing progress, and developing strategies for utilizing cultural knowledge into practice using case studies as seminar discussion tools. (IP)