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Community and Cultural Considerations in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases


The Permanency Planning for Children Department


Reno, NV: National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

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2003, 200 pages

Description of Resource

Examines system of workshops created by the National Judicial Curricula Series designed to improve court intervention aimed at children and families at risk, and outlines ways in which courts, agencies, and communities can successfully work together to provide legal services to these groups. Intended to serve as a reference or self-study guide for administrators, judges, and judicial educators, the document stresses cultural education, community partnership, involvement, and intervention through privately held outreach and assistance organizations such as Safe Start as alternatives to government institutions such as Child Protective Services, and foster care facilities, when addressing situations of family violence and neglect. The child's and family's community and culture must be addressed and considered when legally intervening on a child's behalf, as many foreign customs which are harmless and initiated with the best of intent, can be misconstrued as abuse by those in Western culture. Offering in-depth statistics, case studies, detailed questionnaires, and instruction manuals expand knowledge and understanding of cultures and gender in relation to child abuse, neglect, and the potential for family violence. (IP)