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Culturally Sensitive Risk Assessment: An Ethnographic Approach


Walker, Pamela J.
Tabbert, Wynn


Berkeley, CA: University of California at Berkeley, California Social Work Education Center (CaLSWEC)

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1997, 213 pages

Description of Resource

"This curriculum combines systematic risk assessment (developed to address inconsistency and randomness in existing assessment tools and used to both identify factors which truly endanger children and illuminate strengths that may be built upon to ameliorate risk and preserve the family) with ethnographic interviewing (developed in response to a growing awareness of the importance of cultural differences in the helping process and the right of clients to receive culturally appropriate services). The combination of the two conceptual frameworks which helps clarify risks and strengths enables case plans and interventions to be more closely matched to what families are able and willing to do." - Publisher's description, reprinted here with permission of the publisher




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