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Assessment of Issues Facing Immigrant and Refugee Families


Segal, Uma A.
Mayadas, Nazneen S.


Arlington, VA: Child Welfare League of America (CWLA)

Source Information (Journal Title, Date, Length)

Child Welfare Journal 84 5, 2005 September-October, 563-583 pages

Description of Resource

This article identifies the different problems immigrants and refugees face in the United States, especially socioeconomic and psychosocial concerns that often relate to the experience of migration. Traditional familial roles and responsibilities are frequently challenged, exacerbated by sociocultural differences and inadequatem understandings between the new arrivals and the host country. Essential in assessments of immigrant and refugee families is evaluating resources for social, economic, and cultural integration; discriminating between realistic and unrealistic expectations; evaluating families' problem-solving abilities; exploring family functioning within the context of heritage; identifying the transferability of work skills; and gauging families' learning capabilities and motivation for adaptation. -description from source