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The Prevention Researcher Special Issue: Immigrant and Refugee Youth


Ungerleidger, Steven (ed.)


Eugene, OR: Integrated Research Services, Inc.

Source Information (Journal Title, Date, Length)

The Prevention Researcher 14 4, November 2007, 20 pages

Description of Resource

"Immigrant and refugee youth are extremely diverse: coming from many different countries, for many different reasons, with varying amounts of resources. While these youth have many of the same needs as their non-immigrant peers, they also have unique challenges and strengths. Since one in ten children enrolled in U.S. schools today is foreign born, understanding and responding to their needs is important. This issue of The Prevention Researcher takes a look at youth who are immigrants and refugees, examining their strengths and needs from an ecological perspective - including families, schools, and communities." - Publisher's description Contents A Cultural-Ecological Model of Migration and Development: Focusing on Latino Immigrant Youth - Krista M. Perreira, Ph.D., and Luke Smith, M.D. Immigrant and Refugee Youth: Migration Journeys and Cultural Values - Rowena Fong, Ed.D Immigrant Youth in U.S. Schools: Opportunities for Prevention - Dina Birman, Ph.D., Traci Weinstein, M.A., Wing Yi Chan, B.S., and Sarah Beehler, B.A. Promising Practices in Positive Youth Development with Immigrants and Refugees - Lyn Morland, MSW., MA Understanding and Responding to the Needs of Newcomer Immigrant Youth and Families - Francisco X. Gaytán, MSW, Ed.M., Avary Carhill, M.A., and Carola Suárez-Orozco, Ph.D.




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