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A Piece of Home


Levitin, Sonia
Wijngaard, Juan


New York: Dial Books for Young Readers

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1996, 32 pages

Description of Resource

Describes the excitement and fear experienced by Gregor, a young Russian boy, as he immigrates to America. Written for primary school students, the story recounts Gregor's curiosity about his extended family already settled in America and the pain of leaving his native land. Each family member brings one item to remember Russia; his father brings his "garmoshka, " an accordion, his mother, a Russian tea samovar, and Gregor chooses his treasured and tattered baby blanket. Gregor's anxiety increases as the picks at his airplane food and worries that his cousin, Elie, will call him a baby since he treasures his blanket. The initial reunion is awkward yet the blanket breaks the tension when Elie realizes that he has the same blanket. It was part of a larger quilt that was hand-made by their great-grandmother and cut into two pieces so that each family would have a piece of home. (IP)




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