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The Story of My Life: An Afghan Girl on the Other Side of the Sky


Ahmedi, Farah
Ansary, Tamim


New York: Simon Spotlight Entertainment

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2005, 256 pages

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Recounts the life of an Afghan girl, Farah Ahmedi, who is crippled by a landmine when walking to school in Kabul and who comes with her mother to Chicago to attend high school. Due to the severity of her injuries, she is chosen to be taken to Germany for life-saving medical treatment. There the doctors amputate one leg and fuse the other leg so it is no longer able to bend. She spends two years in Germany during which time she learns how to walk with a prosthesis; however, she is unable to return to her home due to the war there. By the time she rejoins her family, rockets and warfare have become daily events in Afghanistan, and the schools are closed for "rocket days." When she and her mother return from a trip to the market, they find their home destroyed, her father and sisters dead. Eventually her mother sends Farah's two brothers off to Pakistan so that they can escape from the terror of the Taliban. Later Farah and her mother make the dangerous crossing into Pakistan, and from there they are rescued by World Relief and taken to America. While Farah adapts quickly to her new country doing such typical teenage activities as learning how to drive, her mother falls into a despondent state and requires psychiatric help. Farah looks forward to going to college and someday revisiting her native country. (IP)




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