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Phillips Community Television


Minneapolis, MN: Phillips Community Television

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Explores an amazing transformation in a Minnesota high school where African American students and Somali refugee students turned from resentments to conflict resolution using a combined group called Unity. This 15-minute video chronicles the problems at Roosevelt High School in St. Paul as the influx of Somali refugee students clashed with the African American students. Power struggles and misunderstandings caused daily fights and escalating violence. Counselors sought to resolve the situation by bringing the Black American student group into conversation with the Somali student group. These meetings enlightened the Americans to the plight and pain of the refugees, and both groups realized that they shared a history of breaking the shackles of oppression. Social interaction increased and they decided to begin a new group named, Unity. After September 11, 2001, Unity organized the student body to form a Wall of Peace around the school to honor the lives lost, to promote peace, and to seek common understanding. As the group evolved, they focused on improving self-confidence and offered leadership roles for all members as they organized information sessions and poster-making activities to constantly remind the school members to seek peaceful resolution to problems. (IP)




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