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God Grew Tired of Us


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Washingotn, DC: National Geographic Films

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Documents the experiences and emotions of three young men from the group known as the "Lost Boys" who were granted asylum in America after walking barefoot over the sub-Saharan desert to escape the Sudanese civil war and subsequently living in a Kenyan refuge camp for ten years. John Bul Dau, Daniel Abol Pach, and Panther Blor were separated from their families and joined over 20,000 boys who formed extremely close family groups to care for each other as they faced famine, disease, wild animals, and attacks from the rebel soldiers. The documentary reveals the pain of separation as the three young men prepare to leave their surrogate families bound for a new life in America. Initially, they are bewildered and overwhelmed by the cultural differences as they enter modern American life where refugee placement agents must show them how to use electricity, cooking appliances, indoor plumbing, transportation routes, and supermarkets. After the first year, government financial support is no longer available, and these three men are working two or three jobs while trying to complete their education. They speak poignantly about their loneliness and they wish for the companionship of the large group back in Africa and desperately seek family members. After three years, they are active, college-educated, polished members of American society who are proud of their Dinka culture, advocate tirelessly for development in the Sudan, and seek assistance for other refugees. John shares an emotional reunion with his mother and siblings. (IP)




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