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Creating a Refuge From Bullying


ECDC/African Community Center of Denver's Youth Outreach Anti-Bullying Project


Denver, CO: Mind's Eye Productions

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2006, pages

Description of Resource

This video explores the refugee condition as a product of bullying on a global scale. Refugee children have experienced persecution in all its forms-causing them to lose their heritage, culture, and sense of security. When they enter the American school system, they are often bullied or excluded based on their lack of English or cultural differences. Creating a Refuge from Bullying features Amjaad and Il Gude, an Iraqi boy and Somali Bantu girl, who describe their experiences with American peers as they try to assimilate into the American school system and culture. The film also
helps identify and address bullying on a more general level as a problem that every student can help solve, whether they are victims, bystanders, or bullies themselves.




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