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Lost Boys of Sudan


Mylan, Megan
Shenk, Jon


New York: Docurama

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2003, 87 pages

Description of Resource

Records the lives of two young men, Santino and Peter, members of the "Lost Boys of Sudan," as they spend their first life-altering year as refugees in America. Santino and Peter, members of the Dinka tribe, joined with 20,000 other young boys orphaned during the Sudanese civil war and walked across the desert, ultimately settling in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. They were granted asylum in America and were sent to Kansas and Texas. Using the boys' own words and voices, they narrate their struggle to acclimate to modern conveniences, high school, employment, and paying the bills. Peter learns about financial accountability when his rent payment is lost, and Santino is pressured by his sister back in Africa to send money. They seek social acceptance on sports teams and in religious youth groups, yet they still feel isolated and ache for the friends and comfort they had in the relationships with the "Lost Boys." They graduate from high school and seek higher education while always trying tohelp those left behind. (IP)




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