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Encouraging Refugee Awareness in the Classroom: A Guide for Teachers. Issue Paper


DeCarlo, Jacqueline
Hamilton, Virginia


Washington, DC: U.S. Committee for Refugees

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February 1994, 43 pages

Description of Resource

"This lesson packet focuses on the growing situation of refugees and cultural awareness. In the document are definitions of terms, suggestions for infusing lessons on the refugees into the curriculum, and resource information. One of the purposes of working to create refugee awareness is to help ordinary students become extraordinary citizens of American society and the world community. The document is divided into the following sections: (1) "Introduction"; (2) "Overviews of Current Refugee Emergencies"; (3) "Proven Lesson Planning Ideas" (e.g., Analyzing Refugee Experience, Applying the Durable Solutions, Exhibiting a Willingness to Respond); (4) "Teacher Resources"; and (5) "Conclusion." (EH)" (ERIC Document EDED380392)