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Pathway to the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect


Schorr, Lisbeth B.
Marchand, Vicky


Washington, DC: Center for the Study of Social Policy

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June 2007, 163 pages

Description of Resource

This report outlines six goals for what it takes to improve the lives of children and families: Goal 1: Children and Youth Nurtured, Safe, and Engaged, Goal 2: Strong, Connected Families, Goal 3: Identified Families Access Services and Supports, Goal 4: Families Free From Substance Abuse and Mental Illness, Goal 5: Caring Responsive Communities, Goal 6: Greater Capacity to Respond in Vulnerable Communities There is a chapter for each goal, which includes 1) actions with examples, 2) indicators of progress, 3) ingredients of effective implementation, 4) rationale, and 5) research evidence. The report is full of examples of promising and evidence-based practices. In addition, numerous references are made to respecting clients with diverse cultural backgrounds and respecting cultural norms. Some of the goals are particularly relevant for those working with refugee and immigrant communities, such as strengthening of families and communities, as well as improving the capacity of vulnerable communities to respond to abuse and neglect.