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"Assessment and Intervention with Families in a Multicultural World". In Social Work with Families.


Constable, Robert
Lee, Daniel B.


Chicago, IL: Lyceum Books, Inc.

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2004, 32 pages

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In this chapter, the authors discuss the way in which culture affects relational processes, family structures, communication, and problem-solving strategies. Some of the concrete suggestions presented by the authors include the importance of involving the family in defining strengths and needs, conducting ongoing assessment and actively testing possibilities, focusing on the present with the past as background, and beginning with the family member given the most authority in the family's culture. In addition, the authors suggest using culturally relevant metaphors, linking the family with cultural and spiritual resources, and helping the family construct responses to their needs that are culturally appropriate. Overall, the authors provide nine principles of transcultural practice. Woven throughout the chapter are pertinent case examples such as medical neglect with a Hmong family, a Korean adolescent involved with a gang, and physical punishment in a Chinese family with two adolescents, amongothers.




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