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FAQ: Unaccompanied Immigrant Children on the Southern U.S. Border


National Immigrant Justice Center


Chicago, IL: Heartland Alliance

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July 2014, 3 pages

Description of Resource

This FAQ includes information on the children who compromise the current influx of children coming to the U.S., why they are coming, if they are considered refugees, why they are coming now, what types of harm are they fleeing, how do they get here, what legal processes do they go through upon arrival at the U.S. border, what the Trafficking Victims Protection and Reauthorization Act of 2008 (TVPRA) is and how it impacts these children, if any of the children qualify for legal status and, if so, how long does that process take, how many children are allowed to stay in the U.S., and finally how should the U.S. respond to this challenge.