Promising Practices Program

Administering Organization

Bahrain Women Association - for Human Development

Program Name

Be-Free Program

Program Objectives and Unique Needs Addressed

  • Helping children and teenagers to appreciate life, start confidently to build their character and protect themselves, and adopting concepts and skills based on humanistic values.
  • Instilling peace values, and humanistic interaction with others who are different, and considering them a source of learning and participation to work together to achieve personal and societal development.
  • Contributing in changing the disabled perception about themselves, and others' perception to have a role that emphasizes their belief and ability to exercise their humanistic role.
  • Provide support and build cooperation with parents, specialists, and whoever cares about children and teenagers to achieve high levels of development in children's and teenagers' issues.

Program Description

 Be-Free works through different projects. Followings is a brief about each project:

  • "I am a Strong, Smart, and Safe Child" Program:
    • Trains children on essential protection skills in a fun and interactive way, away from fear, as studies show that more than 85% of child abuse cases could have been prevented if children knew some protection skills.
  • "It Is My Right To Understand My Rights" Project In Partnership with the UNICEF:
    • Raises awareness, and trains children on Child Rights in a way that helps children understand their rights, and respect other children's rights as well.
  • Basic Life Skills
    • Statistics show that children with a weak personality or low self-esteem are more likely to be abused than children with a basic life skills and high self-esteem. This project conducts workshops for children ages 4 to 18 years old on important skills such as: critical thinking, positive thinking, building self-esteem, and the power of giving.
  • Smart +:
    • Empowering children and adolescents with essential protection skills needed on the Internet. And disseminating information and raise awareness among caretakers and individuals working with children on the dangers inherited in modern technology and ways through which they are able to provide protection to children and adolescents.
  • "I am a Strong, Smart, and Safe Child... Despite My Disability" Program:
    • This project focuses on two main areas: 1) Training children and teenagers with disability on essential protection skills. 2) Raise society awareness about the Humane Perspective of the disabled.
  • "Color Your Life with Your Choices" Academic and Social Development Project:
    • Students encounter a number of obstacles and challenges during the course of their educational journey, this project assists students and their parents in facing these challenges, and learning from them.
  • "Me and the Other":
    • Aims at creating a culture in which differences between people in color, nationality, language, faith, etc. are respected, and everyone learns from them.
  • "Instilling Universal Knowledge":
    • A pioneer project, that assists educational institutions with its different levels in adopting innovative and creative methods to make the institutions a more desirable place for students.  It increases their awareness, and moves them beyond learning to reach universal knowledge. It inspires them to transcend the limitations of self-centered life to aspire for building communities and painting their Humanistic mark on the world.

Resource Materials Used in Program

The website ( has publications, e-cards, booklets for teenagers, stories for children,  training guides that can be downloaded and used. The material is available in English and Arabic.

Groups Served by Program

  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Social Workers
  • Social supervisors

Program Funding

We mainly depend on fundraising.

Program Staffing and Required Staff Training

A group of well-trained trainers with long experience in the field.

Program Evaluation

  • Evaluation Forms
  • Focus groups

Program Outcomes

From 2002 up to end of May 2016, Be-Free Trained:

  • 21,607 Children 
  • 7,706 Teenagers  
  • 8,702 Parents   
  • 997 Professionals 

Additional Comments

Program Contact

Rana Alsairafi
+973 36691145

Operates in Bahrain

Program Dates

Began in March 2002, and is still operating as of 2016.